for Specialty Providers

Reaching the Ultra-Affluent…

One byproduct of working with affluent families is a thorough understanding of the specialty organizations that contribute to their quality of life and the stability of their assets. Much of the high-end lifestyle can be attributed to luxury products and experiences (think private jets, fine art and estate management), but there is tremendous value placed on the unique capabilities and intellectual capital that fall outside the strict scope of luxury while still being exclusive to the ultra-wealthy – things like private clubs and other member-driven organizations, multifamily offices, concierge and medical concierge services, legacy planners and other family counselors, hedge fund and private equity managers, antiques and collectibles dealers and many, many others.

The principal challenge facing specialty providers is how to surpass the barriers and the skepticism inherent to working with the financial elite. My background in corporate marketing and strategy, coupled with high-quality access to the creators, inheritors and stewards of significant wealth, can be leveraged to help:

Membership & Client-Centric Organizations

  • Build a client-base or membership
  • Position the organization and its benefits to members
  • Identify the topics and issues that attract members
  • Develop educational events and thought leadership platforms
  • Understand drivers of satisfaction and loyalty
  • Assist with strategic introductions and networking

Providers of Luxury Goods & Services

  • Define new target markets and distribution channels
  • Launch or reposition products and businesses
  • Refine key messages and deliverables
  • Attract more business that aligns with your ideal profile
  • Identify significant referral sources
  • Make strategic introductions to service partners and affiliates
  • Design educational events for ultra-affluent audiences


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