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There’s a common refrain around my house and it’s that you can do anything if you have the right tool for the job. Getting rid of the mammoth oak trees that littered our front yard after Hurricane Sandy blew through was, for instance,  a lot easier with the help of cranes, chain saws and wood splitters than it would’ve been if we’d relied solely on manpower and an axe. That same logic applies to nearly any situation – you just have to be clear about what you’re trying to accomplish.

Every year I have the privilege of speaking to hundreds of sophisticated advisory professionals (and a few thousand of their less savvy counterparts) and they all want to know: What are my competitors doing that I should know about? What do wealthy individuals and families need? Where can I find more of the people I want for clients? How can I grow my practice?

Over the last few decades, I’ve curated (even before it was a cool thing to do) a sizable library of practice management techniques and critical market intelligence drawn from my professional research and personal experiences with the industry’s elite practitioners and their wealthy clients. With assists from technology and social media I can now get the answers to these questions, and others, out to a much bigger audience. So, I created this blog – The Elite Practice – as a mentoring tool for advisors and will use it to discuss:

  • time-tested best practices
  • new innovations in service and prospecting
  • key insights on the high-net-worth markets
  • the firms and professionals that are doing it best
  • anything else (like the laws, events and people) that impacts our business

If your work day is anything like  mine, you’ll have to make time to read it and think about the concepts in the context of your practice. You may even have to replace other, less valuable resources that still occupy your time and attention. But if your goals include emerging as an elite practitioner with loyal, wealthy clients then you’ve found the right tool for the job.




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