Maximizing Personal Wealth

An Advanced Planning Primer for Successful Business Owners
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There are many reasons to start a business—whether the genesis of your enterprise is a life-long entrepreneurial spirit or the desire to capitalize on free market dynamics, it’s likely that you are missing important opportunities to generate revenue, boost the long-term value of your business and protect yourself and your assets from unexpected risks and the erosion of taxes. Maximizing Personal Wealth is a critical resource for business owners who want to take every step possible to create and preserve maximum personal wealth.

Russ Alan Prince | Hannah Shaw Grove | Carlo A. Scissura | Frank W. Seneco


Frank V. Carone | Thomas J. Riggs | Mary Parente | Christine G. Pronek | Timothy J. Desmond | Louis F. LiBrandi | Marc L. Rinaldi | Gemma Leddy | Thomas F. Blaney | Christopher D. Petermann | Kevin J. Keane | Ronald F. DeSoiza | Thomas Sorrentino

Charter Financial Publishing Network, 2015

ISBN-13: 978-0-9800679-5-8